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About Us

A Brief History:

Manuel and Josie Dorio opened there first bakery on October 1st 1991, on Bradstock Rd in the Finch and Weston area. With Josie's love of people and Manuel's 15 years of baking experience Dorio Bakery was sure to take off. 

Starting with only fresh breads, pastries and home made Italian gelato and armed with an espresso machine the journey began.


Dorio's one year anniversary marked an addition to the family, the birth of there third child, creating a true family environment. Dad baking, mom serving, and auntie Gloria diligently making fresh desserts all the while, watching the family and business grow.

In 1994 the bakery expanded into a two unit store creating space for a delicatessen, hot table and Italian groceries.

In 1998 one more expansion took place adding a licensed bar and expanding the seating area.

Then in 2003 we saw the launch of Dorio's second location, a quieter more quaint atmosphere, set in the original general store and post office in the hamlet of Kettleby, with all the quality and selection the Dorio 's are known for.

But with all those positive memories of customers and employees, with all the stories made and told, with all the highs and lows, we are ready to move on focusing on whats yet to come. 

Our Future:

We are currently launching a new line of hand made artisan chocolates, such as bon bons, Rocher's, truffles and gourmet chocolate bars. Available for the occasional indulgence or for special occasions, designed and packaged to compliment your style and function.

We are also hoping to branch into specialty focused items such as sugar, lactose or gluten free products. Although it takes time to develop a new range of these products we feel the community will appreciate the opportunity to indulge in what they might not have been able to before.